Bespoke images that creatively capture the heart of your values and story.

Let's weave together nature, art, story and heart through

portrait photography inspired by our natural surroundings.


  • Values-led portrait sessions are for creative souls, entrepreneurs, green business owners, eco-friendly makers and anyone with a love for the great outdoors.
  • Together, we collaborate to design beautiful images that share your gifts, values and passion with the world. 
  • Each session is totally different and the final images may surprise you! 
  • I care about taking photos that represent the person I am working with, so part of my process involves getting to know you first before we step out into nature or in-studio to create your bespoke images.

Green portrait sessions show how photos can tell a story in a powerful, effective and evocative way.

Everyone who comes to be photographed has a different story to tell but they usually have one or more of the following in common. Maybe you can see yourself here?


  • Change-makers, green business owners and nature lovers who are excited for new content that expresses their work and values in a fresh and exciting way.
  • People who are looking for images that capture who they are, that are beautiful, creative, and tell a story.
  • Those who love experiences, who thrive meeting and working with other artists to create something special together.
  • Women and non-binary business owners who value sustainability and integrate their values into their work. 
  • Anyone who wants to share images they feel connected to and love, that lights them up.
  • Those who want content that is more than just a photo, it's art you would even frame and hang on the wall in this digital age.
Portrait Photographer

The possibilities are endless, so you may well be reading this and have thought of a whole new exciting reason to partake in Green Portraits!

If so, head straight to booking here or read on to learn more about who this fits, what’s included,
how it works and how much it costs.


Working closely to nature through portrait shoots means being totally inspired by all the beauty that nature has to share with us. It gives us a felt, embodied sense of how connected we are to nature, and how important it is we take care of her.

Portrait Photographer

It’s normal to feel discomfort in front of the camera but successful portrait photographers know how to support your process, so you can be truly seen and captured. Are you curious about how you could share your story through portraits in nature?


  • You don't want to spend money on 50+ images that aren’t quite getting to the heart of what you want to express.
  • You’d much rather have quality over quantity.
  • You want new and exciting images that motivate you to update your website, add to your professional portfolio and finally make that post on social media.
  • You have so much you want to share with the world, and you’re looking for some quality content that really captures your whole vibe.
  • You’re looking for new images that you feel deeply connected to.
  • You want to go deeper into exploring the kind of images you love and that truly represent you and what you're all about.
  • You love the idea of an experience, a journey creating and collaborating, to capture you and your offerings.
  • You’ve tried to create photoshoots yourself / with friends but it never quite feels right.
  • You want to start posting content that you feel proud of and aligned with.

My Green Portraits process connects you to yourself, the natural environment and the values behind your work so that you can share meaningful, beautiful images across multiple channels.

This experiential portrait session is tailored to you,
who you are, capturing you in your truest light. 



We get to know each other, a small questionnaire  journeying through what inspires you, your dreams, desires, and vision. How you see yourself and your business.


We meet over zoom, and really talk about our ideas, creation, inspiration, outfits/styling, locations and the story telling we are going to create together in these images.


On the day of the shoot we put together all our ideas, inspiration and planning. Pre-shoot I'll send you a moodboard full of inspiration and we'll have another call before we create, play, and capture your collection of powerful images. The shoot  will last 3 - 4 hours.


Your selected images will
be thoughtfully and lovingly edited. Once completed
you will receive x10 fully edited high resolution digital works of art with all the
magic added!

Book your Green Portrait session here

Let’s explore new and exciting ways to truly capture you, your business and/or your current mission in life!

With my Green Portrait sessions inspired by the surrounding natural environment,

I’ll support you to:

  • Capture yourself and everything you offer perfectly and have fun doing it.
  • Attract your ideal clients through their connection to your images and the story they tell
  • Feel completely represented in the imagery you put out to the world.
  • Work with someone who really understands you and who’s committed to capturing you fully.
  • Connect with yourself deeply through images that evoke a sense of self-appreciation, perhaps helping you to see yourself through another’s eyes.
  • Have a really cool experience that you want to share with the people you love!
Portrait Photographer

what's Included

  • A pre shoot call to get to know each other, discuss the vision, get inspired and create. Plus all pre shoot prep Valued at £100
  • 3 - 4 hour shoot to capture all the magic Valued at £400
  • x10 beautiful and artfully edited images Valued at £400

The total value price is £900. But as I am still in the process of launching my Green Portrait Sessions, I’m offering them for £350 for the first 4 people that sign-up as a gesture of thanks for trusting me before I have my full green portraits portfolio finished and ready to share!


This is not just a photoshoot that you turn up to, get your hair and make up done, smile and leave. This is an experience,
a collaboration to feel excited and curious about.

If you’re this far down maybe you still have questions. I am here
to answer them and support you every step of the way.


When will the shoot happen?
As soon as you pay you will automatically receive your pre call questionnaire and a link to my calendar to book our calI. On the call we will discuss location/s and timing and book the day for your shoot.

Will I have my hair and makeup done?
I work with all clients to create the look and vibe they desire, so when we speak and go over the whole vision for your shoot, and we feel that would be needed then absolutely I can arrange this (This is an additional fee).

What should I wear?
This is something we will discuss on our zoom call. I think wearing your own clothes is really where it’s at, or even get down to the vintage/secondhand store if you fancy something a little different. The important thing is you feel confident and relaxed on the day with your outfits planned.

How will we get to know each other pre zoom chat?
I will send you a questionnaire with a few questions on. This allows me to get to know you a little better, so I can work on a few ideas before our call. 

How many images do I get
You get x10 beautifully edited digital images! These are more than just an image, they are works of art, lovingly edited. Additional images above the 10 are an additional cost. 

I love your work but why just 10 images?
If you’re looking for 50 images to post on your feed and to be forgotten the following month, this may not be the space for you. Read below to learn a little more about the values behind my work. 

Why is a Green Portrait Experience different?
Green Portraits are thoughtful, artful, storytelling images, where time and love goes into every capture. If you’re looking for a standard, consistent, mainstream series of shots, this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for lots of images that will inevitably end up clogging your hard drive, this isn’t for you either!

If you're looking for an experience where you get to explore and create unique and beautiful imagery then this is for you.

Let’s create some magic and tap into your truth of how you want to share yourself with the world through beautiful imagery.

Let's weave together nature, art, story and heart into a captured moment you’ll cherish for time.

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